Thursday, November 29, 2007

It's on!

Cowboys vs. Packers, for the right to claim best in the NFC. It's already 20-10 Cowboys in the 2nd, so it's shaping up to be a wild game. Unbelievably, whoever wins this game clinches a playoff November. Incredible.

UPDATE: The Cowboys are determined to keep Green Bay in this game. T.O.? For all his heroics, he sure does lose the ball at the most inconvenient times.

UPDATE II: That's that; Cowboys win 37-27. Green Bay shouldn't be ashamed of themselves. They suffered significant injuries, including losing Favre in the first half (though Rogers looked pretty solid out there as his back up.) It was a good effort by both sides. Believe it or not, I was never nervous about this game. Not because I was certain the Cowboys would win it, but because I was certain they had figured out how to show up for big games. And I was right. These guys simply don't meltdown.

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