Monday, November 12, 2007

Remember the Veterans

Yesterday was Veterans Day, a day in the year during which we pause to thank veterans for their service to the nation. Scott Horton reprints a poem by Walt Whitman, his "Dirge for Two Veterans." It's a good poem, but I like this one also, which I'll reprint in full here:

The glamour gone, some scattered graves and memories dim remain:
With his old pals across the field, he'll never trek again;
But yet there's nothing he regrets as he awaits his Call,
For what was done or lost or won, he did his bit - that's all.

That one is for the old soldiers out there, in whose memories are preserved the deeds and lives of the soldiers who didn't make it home.

If you see a vet, thank them for doing their "bit" for us.

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