Thursday, November 08, 2007

Thank you

The voting period for the 2007 Weblog Awards is over, and although we didn't give the front-runner a run for their money in our category, we had a respectable 124 votes, or 3.6% of the total votes cast (give or take a few, pending final certification of vote totals.) That puts us third from last, a result we're quite happy with in our first ever appearance in the awards (in a parliamentary system, that would be good for a few seats at least.) So here I'd just like to ay thank you to every one who took the time to cast a vote (or votes) for us. We do appreciate your efforts, and will keep bringing you the kind of high-quality, low-cost blogging you've come to expect from us.

1 comment:

Jon Swift said...

Congratulations on a fine showing and a well-deserved nomination. And thank you very much for your support.