Thursday, November 08, 2007


Hey guys, we have today to try and not finish utterly in last place. So to aid in that cause, you can now vote directly for us below, instead of clicking on a link and then voting. Remember, you can vote from the same computer once every 24 hours, so repeat votes are not only not illegal, but they're actually welcome! (You'll know your vote has registered when results come up.)

UPDATE: I've bumped this thread up top, where it'll sit until the polls close on Thursday. Just as, you know, a friendly reminder to you guys. We've overtaken Gay Orbit and are threatening to finish only as next to last!

UPDATE II: Okay, so it may be a little late for endorsements, but there are some blogs that are in hot competition and others that we'd just like you to show some love to. Go here to vote for Balloon Juice as best blog in the Top 250 so that they may crush the likes of Red State, Gateway Pundit and My Pet Jawa (truly execrable blogs in my humble opinion.) Sadly, No! is assassinating the competition in the Funniest Blog category, so instead of adding to the slaughter, register you Nader-ish vote for Jon Swift (who's liberal blog-rolling policy has benefited us) here. Also, our Texas Progressive Alliance ally the Agonist (where I guest-blogged over the summer) is looking for a moral victory in the Top 501-1000 category. I think Fred Barnes at Slacktivist is an outstanding blogger, and you can vote for him here. Go spread the love around.

UPDATE III: I almost forgot; be sure to cast a vote in the Best Political Coverage category for Foreign Policy Watch, an up-and-coming blog that has quickly become one of the best foreign policy blogs out there.

UPDATE IV: Well, the Weblog Awards site has been iffy since this morning. If you're having trouble voting, just keep checking back.

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