Sunday, November 04, 2007

Weekend Sports Stuff

As anticipated, FC Dallas was smoked by the Houston Dynamo on Friday night, losing 4-1 and 4-2 aggregate to lose the series. It might not've gone so poorly had not one of FCD's key players, Arturo Alvarez, gotten himself tossed in the second half of the game leaving Dallas a man down with a one-goal lead that they just couldn't preserve. There were a lot of cards and a lot of fouls in the game as well, an indicator of how nasty the rivalry is between these two teams. Frankly I don't understand why Houston gets so aggravated by Dallas, considering that they routinely beat them, but whatever.

The Mavs played their home opener on Friday night, stomping the Sacramento Kings 123-102. The score reminds me of the old rivaly between the run-and-gun Mavs and the Kings of days past, but those days are long over.

The Cowboys play tonight, in Philadelphia. The Cowboys are looking good after 7 games, but they've lost to the Eagles in 9 of the last 12 meetings, and were swept last season even as they made it to the playoffs. And given the hate-fest between Terrell Owens and the Philly fans, tonight does not promise to be an easy game despite the Eagles' struggles as of late. Washington has chance to make up ground today as they play the horrible NY Jets. The Giants, who trail the Cowboys by half a game in the NFC East, have the week off.

Oh, and the Stars started playing a few weeks ago or something like that, if you care about that sort of thing (which I don't.)

UPDATE: Have I ever mentioned my awful predictive powers? I swore that the Patriots-Cowboys game would be closer than it was, and I was also pretty sure the Eagles would be fired up to give the Cowboys a run for their money. Eh, not so much. Also, the Redskins won, but only after struggling against the lowly Jets. I made no prediction about that game, and am pleased by the 'Skins troubles if not the result.

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adam said...

Haha, nice update. I was about to call you out on the Cowboys prediction!