Monday, December 10, 2007

In Better News...

...the Dallas Cowboys wrapped up the NFC East by escaping from Detroit by the skin of their teeth. Despite looking sluggish on offense, despite an awful defensive effort, despite last-minute fumble by Jason Witten that seemed to ensure a loss, they managed to pull out a win by a single point. It was the same story as with Buffalo earlier in the year, as the Cowboys managed yet again to overcome their own awfulness to win. What I think is most important is the fact that there was precious little luck involved in this win (or the Buffalo win.) The Cowboys played awful, but they played just well enough to beat the other team without the help of lucky fumbles or missed calls, which is a far sight better than just being gifted by the refs in the final minutes of the game. In that respect these Cowboys are a lot better than last year's Cowboys, who seemed to have no ability to overcome their own meltdowns. Of course, the win leaves a lot of questions, like what it's going to take for the defense to play consistently well, or whether there's a reliable running game with either Barber or Jones on the field. But a win is a win, especially when it gets you the NFC East crown and at least one game at home in the playoffs, and puts the nearest contender Green Bay two games behind for a bye and home-field advantage throughout the playoffs.

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