Friday, December 28, 2007


Being as it's the end of the year and all, retrospective top this-or-that lists are the order of the day. Here's one I particularly enjoyed, listing the top ten biggest mistakes in FC Dallas history. And boy is it a doozy, including the dunder-headed short-term move to the white-as-snow suburb of Southlake that in one season destroyed the team's significant Hispanic base, and the permanent move to the whiter-than-snow suburb of Frisco that has ensured it will never return. There's eight more to go with those two, which ought to put you in the perfect mood for ringing in the New Year if, like me, you're hoping desperately in 2008 that your local MLS club will stop being so dang mediocre.

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Nat-Wu said...

I agree completely. Horrible decisions.