Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Win is a Win

I hereby declare an end to the December swoon talk (which shouldn't have been so prevalent in the first place.) The Cowboys may have struggled a little more than they should have last night against Carolina, but the loss of Terrell Owens (who had the first touchdown) to an ankle sprain had a lot to do with that. Despite the fact that they didn't score 30+ points last night, they team played decently overall, despite giving up long plays to Steve Smith and the Carolina offense. Romo got off to a slow start (nothing new) but in the end amassed 257 yards on 28 of 42 passing, with one touchdown and one interception. So far it's unclear how long Owens will be out, though he's unlikely to play next Sunday against Washington. wasn't pretty, but it was a win, and it forces Green Bay to keep chasing Dallas for home field advantage in the playoffs.

By the way, the Mavs continue their role, beating the Clippers on Friday night in convincing manner to stay a game behind San Antonio and half a game behind Phoneix in the Western Conference.

UPDATE: Chicago stomps Green Bay, and the Cowboys now have home field advantage throughout the playoffs, avoiding the possibility of playing at Lambeau field in January.

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