Sunday, January 13, 2008

Cowboys Lose


The Cowboys are now apparently afflicted with "Mavericks Syndrome", an affliction characterized by melt-downs against supposedly inferior opponents. I need someone to explain to me how an offense that is possessed of Tony Romo, Terrell Owens, Jason Witten, Marion Barber, Terry Glenn and a massive offensive line, struggles even to get to 17 points against a supposedly beaten up NY secondary. When someone can explain that to me, I'll know what to include in the suggestions I'll be sending via email to the Cowboys for what they can do in the off-season beyond "FIRE THEM ALL." Also, if anybody happens to know Jerry Jones' email address, please feel free to email us with that.

UPDATE: Rafael Vela at The 'Boys Blog reminds us that a) the Cowboys have had worse days and b) plugging some gaps in the secondary and maybe picking up another quality receiver will go a long way towards fixing this team's problems. Unfortunately some of the problems yesterday were the kind that aren't fixed by acquiring more personnel, like stupid penalties at crucial moments or odd play-calling. But there's still plenty of hope for next season. It just sucks that this season is over so soon.

UPDATE II: In happier news, the Mavericks are-thanks to a win over Phoenix in December-first in the Western Conference after a close call with the Clippers Saturday night. Just like the Mavs of the last two seasons, the Cowboys find ways to win even when they play poorly. Until the playoffs that is.


pbjpats said...

You gotta love it.

Now they have tied another NFL record, most playoff losses in a row.

Any one have Crayton's email address. Remember his comment after the Patriots beat them by 21.
They are not that good and if they are lucky enough to make it to the Super Bowl they will beat them.

They couldn't even beat 3rd string D backs.

The good news is they seem to like popcorn and now they will be able to sit back watch the Super Bowl and eat all the pop corn they want.

Talk is cheap.

One more thing they are good at crying.

I love it.

Cowboys said...

All Cowboy haters you can say what you want but by the end of the season no matter who you like if your team isn't the PATS then the season will be a lose for you to. The Boys will be back next year if they can just address their problems at cornorback and the saftey potion. Don't forget this is a cowboys team that wasn't completly healthy until this last game.

No matter how good you are you need time to practice and if they can come into next year with a few additions and all healthy, then they will have a hold over the NFC again. There isn't to many teams who will be able to say that next year.

RandyT said...

From pbjpats: "One more thing they are good at crying."

I would add a bunch of OVERPAID criers! Tony should have stayed in Mexico.