Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Edwards drops out

With a lot of class, John Edwards dropped out of the race for the Democratic presidential nomination today, something he has essentially been campaigning five years for. Even though he wasn't my candidate, it is hard not to like Edwards and his wife, Elizabeth. The way they drove forward, despite her struggle with cancer, was inspiring. Had Obama not entered this race, I would almost certainly be supporting him right now (both because I think he would have made the strongest candidate and the best president). We should all be thankful for the issues he brought to the front of the campaign, especially poverty, and for inspiring his grassroots supporters to work for change. I would love for him to run with Barack, but it is unlikely. However, Edwards may be involved in a future Democratic administration (it is rumored Obama wants him for Attorney General). In any case, I know that John and Elizabeth will continue to work for the issues they care most about - and push the other Democratic candidates to do the same.

As for who Edwards supporters will go to now, it depends on why they were supporting him in the first place. If they were conservative Democrats (older voters), they'll probably go to Clinton. If they were looking for an anti-Washington guy (younger voters), than they'll probably go to Obama. They won't break in a big way for either one unless there's an endorsement. If Edwards does endorse, I'd be utterly shocked if he didn't go with Obama, since he has consistently cast himself with Obama as a change candidate, and Clinton as establishment. My guess is that's right, and he just wants to make sure Obama picks up strongly on his issues, like poverty.

I also want to say that Edwards' news today effectively quashes any media monentum from McCain's and Clinton's win in Florida, and (amusingly) Giuliani's exit and endorsement of McCain.

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Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

I think Edwards droppin out may have one of thre outcomes. hook, line and sinker.