Thursday, January 24, 2008

Local Soccer Action

FC Dallas gets a mention in this piece in the Dallas Observer about the increasing ability of Dallas teams to flame out in the playoffs. Any press is good press, right?

In other local sports related news, both the Dallas Observer and the FW Weekly have documented the speed with which Rangers and Stars owner Tom Hicks has taken his newest toy, Liverpool FC, and reduced it to mediocrity utilizing the "don't spend" strategy that has produced so much success out at the Ballpark in Arlington. The terms under which Hicks bought the team require him to refinance the loans he took out to make the buy, which apparently hasn't been easy as of late with the general tightening of credit in American and European markets. Liverpool fans were looking to be rescued by investors from Dubai, but alas it looks like Hicks will be able to pony up the money to retain his hold on the team. As a perpetually disappointed Rangers fan I can only say this to fans of Liverpool...move to Manchester.

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