Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Media Was Wrong...Surprise

Glenn Greenwald demonstrates how, despite their very best efforts at being wrong about everything and unfairly influencing people in the process, the press failed to derail Hillary Clinton's campaign in New Hampshire.

UPDATE: The most delicious aspect of Hillary's win last night is watching the media, who were only yesterday writing breathlessly about her doomed campaign, now being hoisted by their own petards. Because they set the bar so low, they have no choice now but to declare that Hillary's victory last night was a "stunning comeback", thus providing an unintended (and almost certainly undesired) boost to her campaign and making her victory a much bigger story than it otherwise would have been. Of course, this "boost" will prove to be as vacuous as the death-knells were so I seriously doubt it will hurt Obama in the upcoming primaries, but it is plain amusing to watch.

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