Monday, January 28, 2008

Policy Differences? Yes, They Have Some

Would it be too much to ask that Democratic voters make the choice between Clinton and Obama based on differences in their agendas and proposed policies, and not based on who supposedly acts more churlish on the campaign trail? For me choosing between Clinton and Obama was a close call for awhile, but Obama's foreign policy positions won me over. I've gone out of my way to defend Clinton here and on other blogs, and then gone out of my way to defend Obama as well. But my irritation at substance-less and unfair attacks between the two is not going to sway my vote, and I would like to believe that even smart Democratic voters feel the same. But I think I might be wrong about that.

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Anonymous said...

I think you may be correct in stating that alot of people will make up their minds to vote based on how combative either candidate is or buying into attacks from either candidate. However, you should also think that because the polls are so close right now, it could be the level headed people who are examining the issues make up the small percentage needed for either candidate to win. Call it optimism if you want to. I am personally voting based on the candidate who I believe demonstrates reliability in their positions and a willingness to stick to their guns when people question their reasons. To me, that would be Obama.