Thursday, January 03, 2008

Obama Wins

It doesn't matter what channel you turn it to, the coverage of the Iowa caucus is just not that exciting.

UPDATE: CNN is calling it for Obama. Clinton and Edwards finish tied for second.

UPDATE II: Also, they're calling it for Huckabee on the Republican side. Heads explode.

UPDATE III: The Washington Post reports that 200,000 Democrats turned out for the caucus, a 75,000 increase over 2004. They weren't motivated enough last time?

UPDATE IV: Matt Glazer at Burnt Orange says Dodd is done. Matt Yglesias says the same. Dodd never had a chance, which is a shame because his foreign policy expertise and reasonableness is really quite formidable.

UPDATE V: Biden is out too, according to CNN.

UPDATE VI: Is it really that remarkable that white Democrats are willing to endorse a black man for President?

UPDATE VII: Mavs-hater and TNT sports "analyst" and clown Sir Charles Barkley says Obama is off to a "great start." I guess he can't be wrong about everything.

UPDATE VIII: By the way, none of my excitement over Obama's win changes my opinion that the Iowa caucus is an insane way to being the process of picking our next President.


adam said...

A great victory for Obama, indeed. But the fact that Democrats had nearly double the number of peopel turn out (in what is a record) and 56% were first-timers is amazing.

adam said...

In a compilation of the total vote, Dems and Reps, Obama won 25%! And all three Dems got a greater percentage than Huckabee.