Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Other Elections Last Night

Aside from the presidential primary voting, two other important primary elections were going in which two House veterans lost their seats to challengers.

Republican Rep. Wayne Gilchrest was one of just a handful that backed Democratic bills to end the war in Iraq, sadly losing his seat to a conservative challenger (Rep. Walter Jones may face a similar fate in North Carolina's primary in May). His defeat brings to 30 the number of GOP House incumbents who won't be returning next year, the others due to resignations and retirements. That brings us to the good news which is Democrats may have a better chance of winning this seat versus a more conservative candidate.

On the Democratic side, Rep. Albert Wynn lost his seat to Donna Edwards - who won with 60% of the vote. Edwards had run against Wynn before due to his initial support of the Iraq war, the bankruptcy bill, etc. but this time her campaign was successfully fueled by progressive champions such as DailyKos. This could be seen as a sign to some entrenched Democrats that their base may rise against them if they vote in a way not to their liking. Establishment beware!

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