Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Pull That Lever

Oh, the joy of voting Democratic in 2008. First, Mark Steyn's lament, via Kevin Drum:

The real story of the night, when you look at their rallies and their turn-out numbers, is that the Dems have two strong candidates either of whom could lead a united party to victory. Forget the gaseous platitudes: in Dem terms, their choice on Super Duper Tuesday was deciding which candidate was Super Duper and which was merely Super. Over on the GOP side, it was a choice between Weak & Divisive or Weaker & Unacceptable. Doesn't bode well for November.

And now Digby, via Sadly, No!:

That’s what I see when I talk to actual Democrats, particularly those who don’t spend all their time on the Internet. Not only do Democrats like both candidates, not only do they think they are going to get to vote FOR someone instead of AGAINST the Republican this year, but the primary is improving that view.

Yeah yeah, I know...if Hillary and McCain win their respective nominations, then McCain could pull independents away and the GOP base will be motivated by "Hillary Hate", etc., etc. But really, wouldn't you rather have the problem of two very likable candidates, then what the GOP has to deal with?

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