Sunday, February 24, 2008

Siegelman Saga on 60 Minutes

I just sat down to watch the 60 Minutes segment on the prosecution of Don Siegelman that I recorded earlier tonight. If you haven't seen it, you should. I've followed the Siegelman saga via Scott Horton since early last year, and blogged about it here and there, but nothing that I've read or seen elsewhere communicated the absolute and utter stench of corruption surrounding Siegelman prosecution with as much damning power as that segment did tonight. The star of the show was former Arizona Attorney General Grant Woods, a Republican and lifelong friend of John McCain, who utterly condemned the prosecution of Siegelman.

The Siegelman story has been documented in incredible detail by Horton and others. But if you want the story in bold, boiled right down the meat of it, then you absolutely must watch this segment (you can watch it at here.) I can promise you it won't be the last you've heard of this story.

UPDATE: Much, much more could be said about this story. But this, from Horton's post tonight about the show, has to be read to be believed:

I am now hearing from readers all across Northern Alabama—from Decatur to Huntsville and considerably on down—that a mysterious “service interruption” blocked the broadcast of only the Siegelman segment of 60 Minutes this evening. The broadcaster is Channel 19 WHNT, which serves Northern Alabama and Southern Tennessee. This station was noteworthy for its hostility to Siegelman and support for his Republican adversary. The station ran a trailer stating “We apologize that you missed the first segment of 60 Minutes tonight featuring ‘The Prosecution of Don Siegelman.’ It was a techincal problem with CBS out of New York.” I contacted CBS News in New York and was told that “there is no delicate way to put this: the WHNT claim is not true. There were no transmission difficulties. The problems were peculiar to Channel 19, which had the signal and had functioning transmitters.” I was told that the decision to blacken screens across Northern Alabama “could only have been an editorial call.”

Incredible! As if the residents of Alabama won't have heard about this story already or couldn't find out about this story some other way! But such is the utter baseness of the corruption surrounding this case, that it drives even those who were not involved in the events to depths of stupidity and incompetence.


Anonymous said...

"60 Minutes Done A Great Job"

The Bush’s elete group of corrupt GOP’ers are scared to death that Don Siegelman may be on the streets before the election. Especially with Slick Bob so nervous that he is combing his hair and spraying his mouth and under arms every Five minutes for two reasons: He's hoping that the next president will be John McCain a republican and that he will asked to be his running mate. If a Democrat wins as the next president he/she will probally appoint new U.S. Attorneys in Alabama. Riley along with most of the top GOP operatives could get Federal charges filed against them for taking millions of dollars from Michael Scanlon and Jack Abramoff to defeating Siegelmans lottery and for Riley's election campaigns.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

I saw it, i mean they really want to get that man, i wonder how many more they have strung up that way

Nat-Wu said...

Man, I haven't been keeping up with that. I'm blown away. That's corruption beyond anything I've heard of from this administration. Not just to play dirty to defeat a guy in a campaign, but to get him falsely accused and sent to jail. I can hardly believe it. This is why those Democrats who say that impeaching Bush and investigating everything that happened during his administration are wrong: it's not vindictive to make sure justice is done to wrongdoers, and they most certainly are wrongdoers.