Saturday, February 09, 2008

Understanding the Texas Primary

Thanks to Super Tuesday and the viability of the two main candidates for the Democratic nomination, the Texas primary on March 4th will count for the first time in many, many years. I can say from personal observation that this is news of considerable import that has created much excitement among Texas Democrats. As well it should, because although Texas may weigh heavily in the nomination process thanks to the number of delegates we'll send to the Democratic convention this summer, Texas will once again likely have little impact on the electoral system except to ensure electoral votes for the Republican candidates (curse you electoral college!)

Consequently, Texans and other Democrats from around the nation are trying to get up to speed on the delegate selection process and what it entails. Well, you can thank two of my co-bloggers in the Texas Progressive Alliance for figuring it out for you and explaining it in exceptional detail. First, here's Annatopia, posting at DailyKos with her succinct guide to the Texas primary. Or if that isn't enough detail for you, here's Phillip Martin at Burnt Orange Report, with two detailed posts of his own (the link to the first is at the top of the second post.) If you really want to be involved in putting a Democrat back in the White House, here's a handy guide from the Texas Democrats on how to become a delegate to the national convention.

And if you're a Texan who leans Democratic, you really, really should turn out for the primary. Now is our chance to have an impact, and we shouldn't let it go to waste.

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