Monday, March 24, 2008


The toll in Iraq thus far is now 4,000 American dead, as four more soldiers died yesterday in a road-side bombing in Baghdad and as America enters the sixth year of war. One of those 4,000 is Maj. Alan Rogers, who died in January. You can hear about Maj. Rogers' life and death here.

A sustained mortar assault on the Green Zone killed thirteen Iraqis yesterday. Multiple suicide attacks killed dozens across Iraq.

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Fan Boy said...

I must admit to be a proponent of the war during its initial 10 days. During that 10 days however amazing flaws in the Rumsfield war doctrine that placed future stability in Iraq become apparent.

The problem with this war is not that we lost 4,000 soliders. While this is disturbing to most it is a more than acceptable loss rate in a sustained conflict.

The problem with the war is its had bruised the American ego about being the toughest and the best much like the Israeli humiliation at the hand of Hamas.

How do we fix it? I have been of a two folded mind set since the start of the ramp up to the anti war movement.

We either need to finally acknowledge the brilliant and sound military mind of General Franks who asked for 700,000 troops to provide overwhelming force or we need to leave.

In earnest, I don't believe we should be able to leave. We are soley responsible for the violence on the ground and we have a debt to pay and a promise to fufill to the Iraqi people.

I also don't believe that the way to pay this debt is to languish our troops on a hook with not enough force strength or equipment to get the job done. Our warriors have done all they can with what they have but the their rope is to taughnt.

If we can not and will not win this war due to troop strength and anyone with backnone to tell the American people - that each citizen in this country now owes a debt to those in Iraq and we owe to draft and send 1 million men into the region to show that we can and are willing to win - we need to leave.

Keeping an inept force to try and prevent the natural consequences or delay them as long as possible to our actions is unconscionable.

To the American people, we blame the politicians - the politicians only operate under oppinion polls. While some people complain about this, they do what the majority wants. In this event - we wanted and lusted after war and blood - and now it is ours and our childrens life that is being lost in the sand.