Sunday, March 09, 2008

Then shouldn't Texas have its own casinos?

This article in the DMN reports that Oklahoma makes most of its casino profits on its borders with non-gambling states, including Texas:

Casinos operated by the state's American Indian tribes that are located near the state's borders are proving especially profitable.

State Treasurer Scott Meacham estimates that 25 percent of total casino revenues in Oklahoma come from out-of-state pockets, particularly people from Texas, Kansas and Missouri who cross the border to gamble.

"We think that number is a modest estimate," he said.

Arguments against casinos in Texas boil down to this: There goes the neighborhood. The simplest counter-argument is: And what's wrong with Oklahoma? Is Oklahoma more criminal and more corrupt because they allow casinos? Not really.

Casinos haven't helped the tribes out all that much, so both as a Texan and an Indian I feel completely justified in saying we should allow casinos here and keep Texan money in Texas. Not only do millions of people a year go to Oklahoma to gamble, they also go to Louisiana. How much money is that, and what idiots think that giving it to other states is a good idea?

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