Friday, March 21, 2008

Understanding the Anger

This is why I've never understood the attitude that some people have that virulent racism directed at African-Americans was all "a long time ago" and that it doesn't really exist in this country anymore. Many of the leaders of this nation, in politics, business, etc., were alive when this stuff was going on, and yet somehow it's not supposed to have any impact on their behavior and their attitudes, let alone the attitudes their children and grand-children inherit?


adam said...

Bill Maher described these people as those who "believe racism in American ended when Bill Cosby got a TV show in 1982."

Xanthippas said...

Speaking of which...I read a comment at the Corner or some other singularly revolting "conservative blog", and how conservatives want black politicians to be a combination of Ward Connerly and Bill Cosby. How convenient! They want black politicians who will do nothing about endemic institutional racism, and whose most derisive language is reserved for their own people. What conservative wouldn't want that?

Fan Boy said...

Inexcusable. Fathers and Grandfathers of both sides of the civil right movement are still breathing - how could one think that we have conquerored something so hideous and built into our psyci in such a short time?

Racism and genderism will dies when the last human draws their final breath - until then we must be vigilant in our willingness to confront it when encountered.