Sunday, March 09, 2008

Which candidate is the "Indian" candidate?

Indian like Native, I mean, not the folks from across the ocean. I was reading The Local Crank and realized I'd missed a great post of his about the Democratic candidates on Native issues. I suggest reading it here, especially his questions for candidates. This is one of them:

In 1871, the US Congress unilaterally and unconstitutionally stopped signing treaties with Indian tribes, instituting instead a policy of “agreements” that wouldn’t make the government feel quite so guilty when they later chose to ignore them. Will you as president reinstate the Constitutionally-mandated treaty relationship between Indian tribes and the US Government?

Now that's a tough one! Read the rest of them too.

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The Local Crank said...

I actually did get a response from the Obama campaign. They didn't answer the questions directly but he did send some links to pdf's of further position papers. If I can figure out how to link them without cutting and pasting the whole thing, I will.