Wednesday, April 23, 2008

And Now For Some Good News

The Mavericks are provoking much rending of clothes and gnashing of teeth, but there are a couple of bright lights in Dallas these days. The Dallas Stars finished off the Mighty Ducks in six games and are onto battle the San Jose Sharks in the second round of the NHL playoffs. FC Dallas, who take on the New England Revolution tomorrow night, have won two and tied two in their first four games to retain the only unbeaten record in the MLS, and their two wins have come in two consecutive and solid performances. Also, the Cowboys have a draft coming up so that's always nice, right?

Of course, in the meantime the Texas Rangers are challenging their legendary reputation for mediocrity by tanking so early in the season that it's a surprise even to long-suffering Rangers fans (but if you think Rangers fans are mad, see the fans of Hicks newest toy Liverpool FC who hate Rangers owner Tom Hicks with such passion that local police have begged Hicks to stay away from Liverpool games because they can't guarantee his safety.) But 3 out of 5 non-horrible storylines ain't bad, right?

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