Friday, June 06, 2008

Fort Worth Bans Roadside Sales

The City of Fort Worth has moved to ban the roadside sale of animals:

The council's action makes it illegal to sell, exchange, trade, barter, lease, rent, give away or display for a commercial purpose any live animal on any roadside, public right of way, parkway, median, park, playground, swimming pool, other recreational area, flea market, or commercial or retail parking lot that is generally accessible to the public, regardless of whether such access is authorized. Exceptions are provided for animal rescue organizations, pet stores, and other scientific, educational and entertainment entities that display but don’t sell or give away animals.

Anyone violating the ban on roadside sales could face a fine as high as $2,000 for each offense.

The measure was cited as one of necessity based on public health concerns, as animals have been sold recently that carried diseases dangerous to other animals or to human. But the ability to sell their animals is what encourages amateur "breeders" and irresponsible pet owners to avoid having their animals neutered or spayed. The threat of a hefty fine will discourage the sale of these animals to some extent, as I'm sure these people do their best business setting up outside of malls and large retailers. But other outlets exist, and the measure does not ban the sale of animals from private property. Every little bit helps though.

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