Monday, July 21, 2008

Netroots Nation Final Report

C-Span has the major speakers' footage here (RealPlayer required). Netroots Nation says that in coming weeks they'll post full videos of panels and keynote speakers.

In my humble opinion, this convention was well worth going to. With speakers Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, and Al Gore, plus appearances by Lloyd Doggett, Lawrence Lessig and Rick Noriega, there were certainly enough star appearances for hardcore political junkies. The panels were widely varied and I found the ones I went to informative and interesting. And of course for those adventurous in spirit there were more than enough restaurants and bars in the area to keep you busy all night every night!

The price tag was steep, but I'd still say it was well worth it. My overall recommendation is to go if you have the money. Who knows who might make a special guest appearance next year?


adam said...

Sounds like fun. Thanks for reporting on it.

Xanthippas said...

Next year we'll have a fundraiser and see if our readers might want to help send you down there for free!