Thursday, July 24, 2008

Obama in Berlin

It may still be an open contest here, but apparently the Germans would be more than happy to elect Barack Obama for their President. Der Spiegel has more good pictures here.

UPDATE: More on the enthusiastic German response here.

UPDATE II: Obama is even bringing the libertarians around, though I disagree that he offers "neoconservatism with a human face." In fact, I find myself agreeing with this essay by Fareed Zakaria from a few days back, where he characterizes Obama's foreign policy as falling more in the "realist" tradition than anything Wilsonian or progressive. The only appropriate response to the adventurism of the Bush administration is a good, healthy dose of realism, but Obama is no realist in the mold of Henry Kissinger. Rather, I'd say Obama offers realism with a human face; a foreign policy that speaks frankly about the threats that face our nation, but that also respects the dignity and desires of other nations and peoples.

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adam said...

Just goes to show that the whole world is counting on us Americans to get it right this election.