Friday, July 18, 2008

Why would any school board be this stupid?

The Needville, TX ISD is saying that it will not allow an Apache boy to start kindergarten unless he cuts his hair.

The school board of this rural Fort Bend County school district denied a request to let a 5-year-old boy with long hair attend kindergarten this fall.

The parents of Adriel Arocha want the boy to wear his hair long for religious reasons, but his shoulder-length locks are in conflict with the district's hair code.

You know, I do understand schools' needing dress codes. I even favor school uniforms. But I don't think that need overrides the cultural needs of the children. If it's a requirement for Apaches or Sikhs to have their hair long, that takes precedence. Simple as that. Why are there always people who have to make it a problem?

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