Thursday, September 04, 2008

More and More

UPDATE: I posted this yesterday afternoon and took it down earlier today when Nat-Wu informed me that the formatting was jacking up the view for IE users (whom we forgive for still using IE even though better options are available.) Nonetheless I am not one to willingly deprive the world of our wisdom permanently, so I've fixed it and re-posted it with a bonus link that wasn't there the first time. Enjoy.


It's very difficult to ride out an initial media frenzy when you keep giving them
more to chew on. Palin's issues with her former brother-in-law are well known at this point, but further revelations just make the story more damning. The Washington Post reveals what it calls an "intense" interest in the job security of Mike Wooten, who at the time was in the middle of a messy divorce from Palin's sister. This is on top of Palin's decision to attempt to subvert a legislative inquiry into her involvement in the firing of Public Safety Commissioner Walter Monegan by shifting the inquiry to a state board whose officials she has personally appointed. Monegan alleges Palin fired him in retaliation for his failure to fire Wooten, and he apparently has copies of emails from Palin to him detailing her extreme dissatisfaction with the handling of Wooten, about whose allegedly violent acts her family complained (this on top of earlier revelations that a an aide of hers contacted public safety officials and pressured them to fire Wooten.) Even assuming the allegations of threats and other violent actions by Wooten are true, these emails, her aides contact with officials and Monegan's firing strongly imply that Palin abused the power of her office to fire a state official over what is clearly a personal matter. Were this a one time occurrence it might be easier to dismiss, but the record clearly demonstrates that she prizes loyalty and a willingness to do what she asks over professionalism, competency or loyalty to public office. Which when you think about it, makes her perfect for the Republican nomination for Vice President, but completely and utterly disqualifies her from actually being the Vice President.

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