Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Weak, Lame and Pointless

Charlie Anders at io9 brings us his all-inclusive list of the "12 Weakest Deaths in Science Fiction History."If you are a sci-fi nerd in the slightest you are already familiar with the controversially meaningless deaths of Boba Fett, Cpl. Hicks from the "Alien" franchise, Cyclops in X-Men 3 (and possibly, The Lone Gunmen.) As I explained to friends in an email, I thought at first that Cyclops perfunctory death at the beginning of X-Men 3 (in a manner that served no possible plot purpose) was the most infuriating and should've been ranked #1, until I remembered that Cyclops (as portrayed in the movies...and the comic books for the most part) was a complete tool, whereas Cpl. Hicks was completely awesome and was killed in a manner that didn't even necessitate him being in Alien 3, the movie he was killed in. 

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