Thursday, October 02, 2008


Conservatives who are frustrated with the diminished stature of Sarah Palin in the polls after a month of endless scrutiny are saying the McCain camp needs to let her loose to be herself:

What’s the problem? Critics say it’s the McCain campaign. Her handlers. The people that ‘know best’ how to deal with the media.

Anchorage Daily News columnist and NPR commentator Geo Beach echoes what many conservatives are saying: Let Sarah be Sarah.

He tells The Vote that the “professional political polishers” have all but removed her strength.

“It’s like putting a polar bear into the zoo — ain’t got the same bite, baby,” Beach said.

He’s yet another voice from Palin’s past who says if she rids herself of the so-called help, the barracuda will return.

“Sarah Palin has done it before, and not just at Wasilla City Hall,” Beach continued. “Sen. Frank Murkowski thought he was the polished Big Dog from Washington D.C .when he came back to Alaska as governor. Then Sarah took him out in the Tall Grass and… Frank went home a wet, whupped pup.”

“Moral: A pit bull doesn’t do any good on a leash,” said Beach.

Hint: this ain't Alaska. And these suggestions make no sense. The "real" Palin that these conservatives seem to be referring to is the one that made a scripted speech at the convention and appears in interviews in non-confrontational settings, which is exactly where normal people think someone's true character is less likely to come out. Here's a message to you guys: the Palin that can't handle determined questions from an interviewer...that's the real, authentic, honest-to-goodness Palin. But conservatives are trapped by their choice; the more Palin tries to go off-script to make an impression on non-adoring voters, the more she impresses them...negatively. The more time she spends making speeches at McCain campaign events and giving interviews to right-wing pundits, the less the "average" voter hears her. Of course Palin will debate Biden tonight, and the conventional wisdom (which was that Biden would eat her up) is now that she-even though she'll probably given nothing but mostly generic answers-she'll still "win" by not falling all over herself. Surely that's what you'll hear tonight as pundits debate the debate (unless of course she does fall all over herself) but they'd do well to remember that if Palin merely holds her own against Biden, that's still not going to change the game enough to bring back the voters her and McCain have already lost.

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