Monday, October 27, 2008

Cowboys Win

Self-immolation is staved off for one more week, as the Cowboys gut it out yesterday with a win over the Tampa Bay Bucs, 13-9 to go 5-3 and stay above .500. I already know that I'm a little old-school, but for me a massive defensive effort is the most inspiring way to win a game. Sure it would've been nice if Brad Johnson had come in and lit the place up for 300 or so yards and two or three touchdowns, but to me nothing shows more grit than a defensive stand to seal the win,and that's exactly what we saw yesterday. It's even more satisfying to see some guys who normally wouldn't be on the field bring that sort of effort to the game, what with injuries and suspensions depleting the ranks of the secondary (Newman and Williams out, Jones suspended, Anthony Henry hurt during the game.) And very nice to see the newest edition, WR Roy Williams, get his first TD in the winning effort.

Oh, and as a bonus here's Cowboys punter Sam Palescu laying into Buc Clifton Smith on a punt return. My favorite thing in the world is to watch a punter/kicker lay into a guy (I've always loved to root for the little guy, literally); combine that with the defensive effort yesterday, and I pretty much have nothing to complain about.

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