Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Early Voting Good for Dems

Are we seeing the first signs of a payoff from the Democrat's massive focus on voter registration? For a local angle, we've already seen record turnout in early voting in Denton, Dallas, Tarrant and Harris Counties. In North Carolina, Democrats account for 61% (!!) of the roughly half a million voters who've already gone to the polls. You would probably win some money betting that most of those voters are voting Demoratic. Rich Beeson, political director of the RNC, is quoted in the article as saying "they only get to vote once" making the point of course that early voting doesn't necessarily mean more votes for a particular candidate. If pressed though, Beeson would be forced to admit that high voter turnout for early voting means greater enthusiasm in general, which presages higher turnout in regular voting on November 4th. So basically, it's a bad sign for the Republicans. 

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