Sunday, October 05, 2008

Massive Gingrich Fail

This is Newt Gingrich's laughable electoral prediction from the Yahoo! Political Dashboard.

As you can see, Gingrich predicts a rather large McCain victory which he describes as reflecting the "emergence of the McCain-Palin reform wing of the Republican Party." Under his scenario, not only does Obama fail to win any battleground states like New Mexico, Colorado, Ohio, Virginia, Florida, Nevada, and North Carolina where he currently leads or is statistically tied, but he also loses both New Hampshire and Michigan (states won by John Kerry in 2004) to McCain. Of course, this is particularly hilarious given that the McCain campaign just announced they are pulling out of Michigan, recognizing the futility of their efforts there. Even Karl Rove sees Obama winning the electoral college right now. Gingrich clearly would have been better off sticking with his earlier feeling that Democrats have a 80 percent chance of winning the presidency.

Thankfully, Arianna Huffington's prediction is much closer to what the reality will likely end up being. Of course, this doesn't mean Democrats can get cocky or complacent. We still have a month to go, and GOTV efforts (which Republicans are still really good at) will be key in making her electoral map a reality.

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