Friday, October 31, 2008

Obama Rally in Tyler, TX

I don't live in Tyler, but I'm here for personal reasons right now, and I gotta say I was quite surprised to find an Obama rally spring up right next to where I work near the Courthouse downtown. I heard drums and went downstairs to check it out, and I find Obama supporters in front of the courthouse and across the street in the square, waving signs and whoopin' and hollerin' at passing cars, the drivers of which are mostly honking and shouting and waving in support in return. They even had what looked like a high school drum corps drumming and making a ton of noise and generally contributing to the party atmosphere. There were a couple of reporters out there covering it so I'm sure some of that will end up on the local news. Tyler isn't exactly a backwater but still...this is east Texas, not Austin (or even Dallas.) I just think that's a fantastic example of the sort of enthusiasm Obama has generated for us Dems and I was quite pleased and excited to see them out there (and I made sure to tell them so.)

Oh, and there were about three McCain supporters with signs out there, mostly looking glum.

UPDATE: Texas Republicans are definitely feeling the heat from all these fired up Obama supporters. Look for the especially amusing quote from State Rep. Tony Goolsby, trying to explain why he hasn't paid especially close attention to how much money is being spent to upgrade a lounge for members of the Texas House.

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