Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"Such Attacks Should Be Stopped...Immediately"

Pakistan has already warned our forces against crossing the border in pursuit of high-value Al Qaeda and Taliban targets. In the wake of an attack which is alleged to have killed twenty Pakistani (including members of the Taliban as well as civilians) the government of Pakistan is now ordering us to cease strikes by remotely piloted drones:

"The drone attacks have negative repercussions when the Pakistani government tries to get the support of the people in the tribal area,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammed Sadiq tells the New York Times. "They are not helping meet the objectives of the war on terror."

"Such attacks [a]re a violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty and should be stopped immediately," the ministry added, in a statement.

The American military stepped up its unmanned aerial vehicle assaults on Pakistan, in part because of local government complaints over manned attacks on militant camps inside the country. Local media reports say that 301 civilians have been killed this year in American strikes, both conventional and robotic.

We appear to be quickly running out of options for how to handle the Taliban and Al Qaeda militants camping out in western Pakistan.

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