Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Obama in the Papers

A roundup of headlines on the Obama victory:

NY Times: "Obama: President-Elect Calls Outcome a Defining Moment"

Washington Post: "Change has Come"

LA Times: "Obama Wins"

Boston Tribune: "Voters Embrace Change, Barack Obama"

CNN: "U.S. Chooses Change"

McClatchy: "Obama Makes History, Wins Presidency"

MSNBC: "How He Did It"

Fox News: "As He Savors Historic Victory, Obama Also Faces A WORLD OF TROUBLE" (and Fox News will be the first to tell you about all of it)

Dallas News: "Obama Will Be Tested"

Houston Chronicle: "First Look at Obama Staff May Be Today"

Washington Times: "Obama Looks Ahead to Shape Cabinet"


The Guardian: "President Obama: Change has Come"

BBC: "A Historic Moment"

Le Monde (France): "Obama's Victory Ushers in a New American Dream"

El Pais (Spain): "The Change Has Come"

Bild-Zeitung (Germany): "Obama Superstar: Why is He a Hero to the Whole World?"

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