Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Senate Races Update (10:30 CST)

Georgia: So far it appears that Saxby Chambliss will not break the 50% barrier again. A runoff is very nearly certain at this point.

Oregon: Merkley has completely reversed Smith's lead from last night, and now is ahead by about 10,000 votes. Merkley should win this race (and The Oregonion is calling it for him) given that the precincts still being counted are largely Democratic and are responsible for him taking the lead.

Alaska: Stevens still holds a lead of about 3500 or so votes but Nate Silver says there are thousands of votes that have yet to be counted and, predictably, both Stevens and Begich say these votes will help their campaigns.

Minnesota: Franken trails Coleman by less than 500 points. There will certainly be a recount.

So here's where we are: One definite pickup, two possibilities, and a runoff. If like me you're not all that eager to see the election hullabaloo over, then you're in luck!

UPDATE (Adam): The media is calling OR for Merkeley; Gordon Smith is conceding today. We are now at least at a net gain of 6 in the Senate (as many as we won in 2006), with three races uncalled.

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