Monday, November 24, 2008

Solid Sports Weekend

The Dallas Mavericks may have righted the ship, finally getting their first win at home Friday night against Memphis and extending their winning streak to four. They've looked pretty solid the last four games, and perhaps are interested now in playing up to their potential (that being perhaps a 50 win season and spot in the playoffs.)

The Cowboys have also stayed in the playoff hunt, defeating San Francisco handily  (though not as convincingly as a team of their caliber should) and going to 7-4. They play Seattle on Thanksgiving and given Seattle's miserable season, they are in a decent position to win this game and go 7-4. Given how the Cowboys are essentially playing for a wild card spot in a tight NFC, they really should be looking to win another three of their remaining five games, though given that three of those games are against Pittsburgh, the Giants and Baltimore, the Cowboys might also want to hope that the Redkins or someone else stumbles.

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