Saturday, November 08, 2008

Update on those Congressional elections...

In the House, Democrats have so far have netted 19 seats, increasing their majority to 255-174. 4 races remain uncalled (Kos has updates on two of those races) and 2 in Louisiana will go into runoffs to be held on December 6th.

In the Senate, we gained 6 seats which matches our success in 2006. However, Alaska and Minnesota remain uncalled, and there seems to be some indication that uncounted votes and "undervotes" could swing those elections our way. Georgia will have a runoff on December 2nd. 60 is still possible.

Democrats took GOP-held seats in every region of the country. And this is the first time since the Dems did it back in the 1930s that the same party has increased its margins in back to back elections.

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