Tuesday, November 04, 2008

U.S. Senate Races Thread

This thread will serve to provide updates on the outcome of the United States Senate races. A handy link to this post is on the upper right-hand corner of the blog, but I will probably keep promoting this post along with our other election threads to the top of the blog. For the sake of ease of reading, I'll skip the "Update" addendum that usually accompanies a change to the post, and just add information as we get it.

For your convenience, FiveThirtyEight predicts a 7-8 seat pick-up for Democrats based on last-minute polls. Unfortunately it looks like Saxby Chambliss and Mitch McConnell will hang onto their seats, but Norm Coleman and Al Franken are likely to be up very late tonight.

6:37 CMT, CNN calls Virginia for Warner.

Shaheen has defeated Sununu in New Hampshire. Lunsford will not upset McConnell in Kentucky.

MSNBC gives North Carolina to Hagan.

Democrats now hold a 54 seat majority based on current projections.

There are four key races left, in Minnesota, Oregon, Mississippi and Georgia. Mark Udall wins in Coloardo, Begich is leading Stevens in Alaska, and Landrieu will survive in Louisiana.

Chambliss will probably escape a runoff, as he's maintaining a 51% lead in Georgia. Merkley is slightly ahead of Smith in Oregon. Franken and Coleman are tied in Minnesota. Polls have just closed in Alaska, though Begich is expected to win.

UPDATED: See our newest post with the latest totals! Four races are still too close to call!

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