Sunday, December 07, 2008

Congressional Races Update

Louisiana held two very close special elections last night. Democrats failed by a hair to pick up a seat in LA-4, and William Jefferson actually lost his seat to Anh "Joseph" Cao. This means an Asian-American Republican now represents LA-2, a majority-black district that is the most solidly Democratic in the nation! Thankfully, Cao calls himself a moderate, and he'll have to vote like one if he is to have any hope of keeping the seat. And it's probably good that House Democrats don't have to deal with corrupt people like Bill Jefferson in their ranks.

OH-15 remains the last uncalled House seat for this cycle. Dems currently hold a majority of 256-178.

UPDATE: Democrat Mary Jo Kilroy wins OH-15! Final House tally is 257-178 for the next session. Now if we can just get a winner in that Minnesota Senate race...

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