Friday, December 05, 2008

"Enough is Enough"

After years of remarkable patience, Ben Shapiro has finally had it with radical Islam:

So enough. No more empty talk. No more idle promises. No more happy ignorance, half measures, or appeasement-minded platitudes. The time for hard-nosed, uncompromising action hasnt merely come -- its been overdue by seven years. The voice of our brothers blood cries out from the ground.

I was not aware that two wars against proponents of radical Islam and green-lighting a couple of bombing/invasions against radical Islam in Somalia and Lebanon counts as "empty talk" and "idle promises" so I'm not entirely sure what measures Shapiro thinks we should take next. Conveniently, his column ends exactly at the point at which the reader would think Shapiro might offer some useful suggestions. Funny, that. 

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