Wednesday, January 07, 2009


MJD's take on an amusing annual NFL tradition:

You know what I've found strange about every team in sports that's won a championship since around 2001? They have all been the victims of heaps upon heaps of disrespect. No one thought they could do it!

Imagine that. All these hundreds of champion athletes, and all these millions of fans, and never once did one fan think one athlete was capable of a championship. It's crazy! It's truly a statistical anomaly. Especially since there are only 30 or so teams per league, and one of them has to win the championship. You'd think at least one of these tens of millions of fans would catch on.

It's an odd coincidence, isn't it? That every championship team has also been demeaned by the public and the target of unprecedented insolence?

I know this sort of sports propaganda can fire up a team, but is it less motivation to win to know that your legion of fans, as well as many prominent sports pundits, think you are perfectly capable of winning the championship?

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