Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"The Lies of Gaza"

If you read any conservative commentators at all, you absolutely must read Daniel Larison. He's worth a read on any issue, but most definitely for the broadsides he repeatedly issues against Israel's apologists among American hawks and neo-cons. Here he is, dismantling Ralph Peters' pro-Israel falsehoods:

Naturally, these small problems with the story Peters is trying to tell do not slow him down. What has been absolutely crucial to support for this effort here in America is the characteristically short American attention span. For most people, there is little or no awareness of the details of what has been happening in another part of the world until the conflict breaks out, at which point the most simplistic and digestible explanation gains the widest currency with a big assist from journalists and pundits who have been conditioned by the last several years of “war on terror” etiquette to endorse any actions deemed necessary for anti-terrorist purposes.

The pro-war factions' rationales are without reason, inconsistent, unprincipled, and where not premised on misinformation, they are premised on outright falsehoods and lies. Larison, whose takedowns rival Glenn Greenwald's in authority and scope, is well worth your time.

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