Friday, February 06, 2009

"Hours Clause"

Well apparently Dan Reeves was put off by Jerry Jones' desire to treat him like a retail employee:

Dan Reeves said he objected to having a clause put in his contract about the amount of hours he was to work at Valley Ranch.

Thus, his employment with the Cowboys was short-lived.

Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones and Reeves agreed in principle to a multi-year deal that was supposed to start Monday, but the former Cowboys assistant coach and player did not know about the clause.

"Oh, definitely, big-time," Reeves said when asked if he was surprised by the clause. "For someone to question how I've done [my time] for a lot of years, I've never been questioned. Plus, as a coach, how can you verify that? Nobody punches a clock."


"You don't work 23 years in this business whatsoever without some kind of work ethic," Reeves said. "To me, why would you want it in there? A contract should be like a handshake anyway."

Reeves said he was going to work with all aspects of the organization – specifically with Jones, head coach Wade Phillips and the offensive coaches.

Reeves started work Monday, attended meetings and was in the process of looking at the passing game.

So that was the sticking point for Jones? A clause requiring a certain number of hours out of one of the most respected ex-coaches (and ex-Cowboys) in football? Did Jones really think that Reeves wasn't going to put in the work? By all accounts he already was, even before the contract was signed. That just seems...well, weird. What the heck is going on over there at Valley Ranch?

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