Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pakistan Arrests Mumbai Attack Plotters

And they say they "mean business":

Pakistan acknowledged for the first time in public on Thursday that parts of the murderous Mumbai terror attacks were planned on its soil and said six new suspects were being held, including “the main operator.”

Rehman Malik, the senior security official in the Interior Ministry, said the attackers had set sail from southern Pakistan to Mumbai, where they used inflatable boats whose engines had been purchased in the southern Pakistani port of Karachi.

“Part of the conspiracy was done in Pakistan,” Mr. Malik said in a televised news briefing Thursday. He said a formal police inquiry had been launched “and I want to assure our nation, I want to assure the international community, that we mean business."

This of course comes after two months of stonewalling. I would not expect Pakistani investigators to look much into the suspected links Pakistani intelligence services have to the terrorists.

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