Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Stimulus Lacks Votes? Pass it Anyway

Look, like anybody who isn't a liberal economist, I have some reservations about the amount of money we're talking about spending here. But I'm not interested in watching Democrats on the Hill dick around trying to make Republicans happy, so they can get punked over the stimulus package in the Senate just like they did in the House (by which I mean Senate Republicans haggle with Senate Dems over cuts to the bill, then remain solidly against it.) Senate Dems have a self-imposed deadline of the 13th to get a compromise bill with the House passed, and they should meet that goal even if it means-as Kevin Drum suggests-ditching efforts to compromise with Senate Republicans and avoid an embarassing filibuster. I trust that there are some actual Republican Senators who sincerely believe that a bill should be passed, but I'm not interested in accomodating them while they wait for just the "right" moment to come out for the bill, and neither should the Dems. 

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