Thursday, February 26, 2009

U.S. Arms Dealers Arm Mexican Drug Cartels

There is a thriving trade between Mexico and the United States: they send us drugs, we send them guns. And if you've been reading us for awhile you realize that yes, we've written about this before. From today's article:

Smugglers routinely enlist Americans with clean criminal records to buy two or three rifles at a time, often from different shops, then transport them across the border in cars and trucks, often secreting them in door panels or under the hood, law enforcement officials here say. Some of the smuggled weapons are also bought from private individuals at gun shows, and the law requires no notification of the authorities in those cases.

“We can move against the most outrageous purveyors of arms to Mexico, but the characteristic of the arms trade is it’s a ‘parade of ants’ — it’s not any one big dealer, it’s lots of individuals,” said Arizona’s attorney general, Terry Goddard, who is prosecuting Mr. Iknadosian. “That makes it very hard to detect because it’s often below the radar.”


The authorities in the United States say they do not know how many firearms are transported across the border each year, in part because the federal government does not track gun sales and traces only weapons used in crimes. But A.T.F. officials estimate 90 percent of the weapons recovered in Mexico come from dealers north of the border.

In 2007, the firearms agency traced 2,400 weapons seized in Mexico back to dealers in the United States, and 1,800 of those came from dealers operating in the four states along the border, with Texas first, followed by California, Arizona and New Mexico.

I'm for the legal buying and selling of guns. I accept that as a society we've made a decision about the type of weapons we permit gun owners to have, and the consequences that may follow as a result. I just wonder if most people realize that one of those consequences is serving as the equivalent of a Mogadishu arms bazaar to Mexican drug cartels.

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