Monday, March 09, 2009

New Cowboys Stadium To Host Gold Cup Games

Last month Brett Daniels, Dallas Cowboys spokesman, indicated that the new stadium in Arlington was already slated to host international soccer matches this year. Although he indicated fall was the timeline, the Cowboys announced today that the new stadium will host a Gold Cup double-header on July 19th. The Gold Cup is CONCACAF's main tournament, and it's played every two years to decide the champion of CONCACAF. The United States has won the last two tournaments, and I'm sure would like to continue that streak this year. As near as I can tell no brackets have been established so there's no telling even what kind of game will be played. Anyway, it's great that some (hopefully) quality international soccer is coming to Dallas.

UPDATE: More information here. Apparently the Cowboys stadium will host two quarter-final matches. The other two will be played in Philadelphia the day before.

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