Monday, March 23, 2009

News of the Day

Things I'm reading about, but don't have much input on right now.

1) The Obama administration's bank rescue plan: Wall Street loves it. Liberal pundits hate it. Between the two whose opinion are you inclined to value? Yeah, me too.

2) Iraq: I missed my chance to post on the sixth anniversary of the invasion on Friday, but I found this article on the vast disconnect between what the Iraqis think of the war and what American perceive from half a world away, starting with the very name of the conflict, as very instructive. And whereas the war seems to have dropped off the radar screens of most Americans, Iraqis are worried that the conflict is nowhere near being played out. They have reason to be worried; the insurgency has never been entirely stamped out in Mosul, an ethnic flashpoint, a streak of large-scale suicide bombings has erupted since the beginning of the month, and Sunni fighters are fuming over what they see as the Iraq government's broken promise to employ them. The Iraq war is far from over. 

3) Afghanistan: the Afghan government has opened up negotiations with the branch of the Taliban commanded by Jallaludin Haqqani. President Obama, appearing on "60 Minutes", stated clearly that “Making sure that Al Qaeda cannot attack the U.S. homeland and U.S. interests and our allies" is our nation's number one priority in Afghanistan.

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